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Story Contributors: Charlie Cumbley, Rob Dyer, David Lenz


From choosing the correct sail material to making the most of your sails, the North Sails team of experts based in Gosport are here to help

North Sails are committed to designing, producing and delivering the best sails in the world. We are also equally committed to working as a team with our customers.

North Sails UK relocated to the new, larger loft in Gosport in 2015 in order to fulfil the increasing demand for sails in Europe and around the world. As technology develops, boats are getting bigger and so are the sails! The Gosport loft fulfills the requirements, with three dedicated work benches; the largest covers 3500m², which is big enough to lay out a J Class yacht mainsail. On this finishing bench, panel sails are stitched together and the finishing touches are added to the 3Di blanks received from Minden and Sri Lanka.

Our other work benches are dedicated to Service and One Design. The Certified Service bench was recently increased to ensure we meet the needs and requirements of all our customers. We offer a one year guarantee for all new sails, and our experts also provide support at many events around the world. This year in the UK, we will offer certified service at the J-Cup, Cowes Week, and several other events. Our day-to-day servicing covers everything from laundry and storage to re-cuts and repairs.

The One Design team have a bench specifically for outputting One Design sails. They are able to make anything from Optimist sails to asymmetric spinnakers for sports boats, using a variety of North panel cloths. The team of highly skilled sail makers work hard and with a great attention to detail, in order to make every sail comply to the company’s high standards in sailmaking, as well as making sure they are championship-winning sails! We also have a team of class experts in hand to help you choose the right sail for your One Design sailing. This team is lead by World Champion and One Design superstar Charlie Cumbley.

We are located just outside of Portsmouth, next door to the Solent—the heart of sailing in the United Kingdom. We offer pick-up and drop-off of sails from several locations along the Solent. Our team is available for you at every stage of your sailing; from measuring your boat, to fitting the sails, to making sure you get the most out of your inventory on the water. Our service manager, Rob Dyer will be able to help with all of your servicing needs, from quoting to advising.

The North Sails European design team, led by David Lenz, operates out of the Gosport loft. David has been working for the company since 2000 and offers a wealth of experience, both in designing sails and in using the sails he designs. We have eight in-house designers, each using North Design Suite to study sails in their actual flying shape. We can measure how they behave when sheets are eased and the sail begins to twist, using the same controls that a real boat has. That means our designs have exactly the sail shape you need.

“At North Sails our experts are on hand to advise you on each step of sail buying, including product selection, sail care, rating optimisation, measuring your boat, and of course fitting your new sails.” Sam Richmond, UK Sales Manager.

If you are interested in any of our North products or want to chat to our service team and see what we can do with your sails, then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Story Contributors

North Sails Are Here For You headshot
Charlie Cumbley

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Gosport, United Kingdom Manufacturing – Gosport, UK

Charlie has worked at North Sails since 2006 and is the UK One Design Sales Manager. Charlie specialises in single-handed dinghies and small keelboats such as the OK Dinghy, Solo, Etchells and J/70. He took the 2019 J/70 World title...

North Sails Are Here For You headshot
Rob Dyer

Service Manager — Gosport, United Kingdom Manufacturing – Gosport, UK

Rob’s sailing successes include a J/105 and X332 National Championship, the Quarter Ton Cup Championship, and a Fastnet win onboard a Dubois 50. He first started sailmaking at a small company in Essex before joining North Sails. In his first...

North Sails Are Here For You headshot
David Lenz

Design Manager — Gosport, United Kingdom

David is a designer at North Sails as well as being the manager for the European group of designers. His personal projects include IRC, and Grand Prix. He has been involved in projects as diverse as the BAR Gladiator TP52...

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