North Sails LOFT NEWS

November 30, 2018


Storing Your Sails in Three Easy Steps

Storing your sails can be a headache, especially if you’re unsure how to put them away properly. Follow these three simple steps to make sure your sails are safe all winter long:

  1. Dry
  2. Fold
  3. Store Safely


This step is crucial. Ensure your sails are completely dry before packing them away for the winter. This prevents mold and mildew growth, as well as keeping them from smelling musty in the spring. If you notice mold or mildew on your sails, bring them in for a wash! Our solution kills mold and mildew, removing any that isn’t already embedded in the sail, and stopping future growth in its tracks.


Carefully fold your sails before storing them. Try not to follow your usual fold lines, to prevent these creases from sitting for months during the offseason. If your space allows it, store your sails rolled instead.

Store Safely

Where you store your sails is as important as what you do before you put them away. Consider the following when choosing your location:

  1. Pests: small animals love calling sails their home for the winter. They also won’t hesitate to chew right through your sails until they’re perfectly cozy. Make sure you store in an area that isn’t accessible to rodents or other pests.
  2. Humidity and temperature: Store sails in a dry place so they don’t accumulate moisture throughout the winter. A temperature-controlled area is also a good idea.  Leaving them on your boat? Not such a good idea.
  3. Use common sense: don’t pile heavy things on top of your sails.  Flooding can be devastating to sails (we can only rinse spinnakers, laminates and 3Di). Store indoors, not outdoors, as mother nature isn’t always kind.

To save yourself the worry, you can bring your sails to your local North Sails loft for winter storage. There, you can be assured that your sails are stored properly and safely in our dedicated facility.

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