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November 1, 2018


Everything You Need to Know About Sail Washing by Our Team of Certified Service Professionals

sail washing

We often get the question: ‘how do I clean my sails’ and ‘how do I make my sails look like new again’. Our answer, without fail, is to have your sails washed. The benefits to sail washing are exponential and bring new life into your sails after years on the water.

The three main benefits to sail washing are:

  1. Brightness

  2. Cleaner Sail

  3. Life Extension

Sails always come out of sail washing brighter, looking like a new sail due to the solution used. The sail itself is cleaner as the dirt is removed during the soaking process. As a result, the life of your sail is extended because you’re getting rid of any mold or mildew therefore it does not rot the sail.

The process itself is pretty simple and takes about a week to complete from start to finish. When sails come in we soak them in a highly concentrated formula overnight and then spray them down to remove any final bits of dirt. Once this is complete we hang the sails to dry for 2-3 days before completing our 10 point inspection.

In addition to sails, we also have the ability to wash canvas! Anything from dodgers to biminis to wheel covers – we do it all.

Pricing is based on the square footage of your sail, which we measure the luff and foot to calculate. Included with every sail washing is FREE winter storage in our climate controlled facility.

sail washing

Let’s Recap!

What does it remove?

  • Bugs
  • Dirt
  • Salt
  • Everything except oil stains
  • Mold & mildew

Can you wash 3Di?

  • Yes. Like anything that is in contact with salt water, 3Di sails can be rinsed with fresh water and dried before storing.

What material can be washed?

  • Dacron
  • Canvas

How does pricing work?

  • Square footage of the sail
  • Luff x foot

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