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Since 1993, North Sails has had a core team of sailmakers and consultants who have helped New England sailors win numerous awards and regattas. Opened in February 1993, by Brad White and Jack Slattery, North Sails Salem was to service and provide sail expertise to the Mass Bay and extended area. The team of Jack and Brad, both graduates of Boston University, a powerhouse sailing team since the late 70’s provided expert sail repair and new sail advice. Between them they boast All American status, a multitude of national, North American and World championships. Their diversified sailing experiences include One Design, Off shore and of course handicap race experience. Aside from working with local handicap racing fleets, Jack and Brad work on projects with Spirit of Tradition builds, and Mulithulls. Brad enjoys time cruising and racing his rebuilt Pearson 33-2 in local thirsty Thursday series. 

This past year, two new young additions were brought into the Salem loft. Alex Cook joined the Team from a competitor where he had worked in production and as manager of the service department. Alex is a graduate of Boston College where he was a NEISA  2nd Team nominee. He has won first place in his class in the Ted Hood Regatta, and races actively in Handicap and national team races, as a representative of the Eastern Yacht club.

Stan Schreyer is another Boston University graduate, where he was also an All American, received the Intercollegiate Sportsman of the year award, and  subsequently named coach of the year. Stan also lays claim as a champion of the Extreme Sailing Series. Currently he races actively on a foiling TF10 Trimaran, and works with a number of mulithull customers. He is also involved with the Atlantic Cup regatta which hosts One Design 40 class short handed racing along the Eastern seaboard. Stan is one of the leading coaches in the country for any type of racing..

Recently Jim Harrington was added to the staff as the expert for sail repair. Jim came to the Salem loft from the Rhode Island service and repair facility where he was instrumental in rebuilding sails for 12 meters, Farr 40’s and even J boats such as Shamrock and Endeavour. His knowledge of new materials and best repair practices is unequaled. Working beside him is John Emmet who spent several years as mate on commercial vessels and more recently spent time as first mate on schooners, such as the Adventure out of Gloucester and The Harvey Gamage out of Maine. While Jim spends his off-time with his wife and two young boys, John finds time to race with Brad on the Pearson.

In the next town over, Marblehead, is the lead design office for North Sails. Headed by JB Braun who’s experience includes actively racing a Flying Dutchman in an Olympic bid, as well as being the lead designer in multiple America’s Cup syndicates, the office is home to 4 full time designers. JB’s intimate knowledge of air flow and design has led to numerous industry changing developments.  His curiosity and tenacity led him to re-discover the benefits of Gaff battens and square top mainsails. Now a staple in many boat designs. In addition, he spearheaded the revolutionary development of North 3Di molded sail and thin ply technology. 

Other designers include Andrew Schneider, an All American crew from Boston College. He came from competitor where he was production manager, and ran the loft. At that loft he was lead on building sails for the largest sloop in the world.

Another addition to the North Sails team in New England is Alan McKinnon. Alan is an avid PHRF sailor and has competed in numerous offshore races including the Bermuda Rce and Halifax. He is currently race committee chair for the Eastern Yacht club and has been a long time member of the New York Yacht club.

In addition we have Brodt Taylor who has been training under JB and is quickly becoming one of the best designers in the North Sails Group. Brought up sailing 420s and other dinghies, Brodt studied mechanical engineering at the University of Vermont. His focus at North Sails is the further development of the 3Di tape structure for molded sails. Brodt enjoys sailing with customers in the Marblehead area.

Our most recent hire is Glenn Cook, formerly the head designer with a competitor, his background includes Super Yacht sail design as well as sail development for Maxi 72’s , TP 52s, and 12 meters. Glenn is a go to guy for new ideas and sail information. He and JB have been instrumental in the development of Helix luff structure for Code sails.