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Anna joins the Toronto team of North Sails as an expert in our service division, specializing in windsurfing repairs. She has an extensive background in windsurfing, especially foiling windsurfing, taking first in the women’s division at the 2019 IFCA Foil World Championships in Switzerland; the first ever event of its kind. Anna was also on the PWA World Windsurfing Tour for severely years and was one of the top internationally renowned windsurfers chosen to help test windsurfing gear for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Circolo Surf Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy back in the Fall of 2019.

How did you get involved in windsurfing and foiling windsurfing? 

I started windsurfing at 13 after 4 years of sailing in the Optimist class; my father was a windsurfing coach. For foiling, it started for me in Vietnam in 2017 with the test event for Starboard. 

How long have you been involved in the sport?

I used to be the member of Ukrainian team since 10 y.o.)) so actually, most of my life

What’s your favourite thing about windsurfing?

It’s light and simple but gives you freedom. 

If you had to pick a favourite spot to go windsurfing, where would it be?

Tarifa, Spain or Lake Garda, Italy. Those are my favourite spots. 

What are you most looking forward to about joining North Sails?

When it comes to joining North Sails, I am most looking forward to improving my skills as a sailmaker and becoming a member of a great North Sails team. As well, learning as much as I can about sailmaking technologies and design to become a real sail expert. 

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