North Sails LOFT NEWS

November 2, 2018


Get To Know Your Local Sales Expert

What is your sailing background?

My first recollection of being on a sailboat when I was about 4 years old. My dad and a friend had a 24’ yawl. I was terrified of it tipping, and on one occasion I set off the fire extinguisher down below. I don’t have any more memories of that boat. I started to race in earnest in 1978 on a wooden 5.5 metre out of Port Dover, ON.

I’m currently in a partnership owning an Olson 30. I also share a Hobie 17 and a classic DN iceboat.

What boats/classes do you sail?

Over the years I don’t think there’s ever been a sailboat I didn’t like. I’ve been blessed to have sailed and raced on all kinds of boats from lasers to lightnings to maxis to Open 60s to eight metres to viper 640s.

Most recently, I’ve been crewing a Viper 640, a classic 8m and C&C 115.

What got you into the marine industry?

I’m returning to my career roots. When I graduated from Queen’s, I went to work at Rideau Marina in Kingston. At the time they were dealers for C&C Yachts. In the role of broker, I sold sails including North Sails. What goes around, comes around.

What’s your favourite thing about sailing?

That’s a tough question. I’ve had the opportunity to sail with some great sailors on great boats in some fantastic locations, so there’s a lot to like about sailing. But the favourite thing I like about sailing, and racing, in particular, is the teamwork that is needed to sail successfully. It’s indeed a team sport — so the camaraderie, competition and challenge to perform well in a wide variety of conditions.

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