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October 31, 2018


Get To Know Your Local Sales Expert

Ross Bailey

How long have you been sailing and what boats do you race now?

I sail a Lightning, and I’m pretty sure Thunder Bay has the best dinghy one design racing in Canada. I’ve sailed since I was a kid but really started crewing when I was 13. When my Dad sold his boat, part of the deal was I would crew for the new owner. After several years crewing, I built a Lightning, raced it, and have since bought many more Lightnings and other dinghies, including Lasers and Laser 2’s. I would sail whatever was competitive within driving distance, or beyond. Although I’ve sailed a fair number of keelboats, I’m pretty much a dinghy sailor, and have sailed in Lightnings, Albacores, Lasers, Laser 2’s, 505’s. Whatever fleet was strong in the area. And of course DN’s in the winter.

What got you into the marine industry?

Sailing is a pretty neat sport, although sometimes it strikes me a person needs a certain bent to enjoy it. It is fun to spread the word and foster this all encompassing lifestyle.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I actually owned a sailing store for 11 years starting in 1981. We sold everything from split rings to C&C yachts as well as repairing scratches on up to Awlgripping large yachts. As big box store hours became necessary, we took an opportunity to sell the business. Since then sailing has been just for fun, and still is.

What’s your favourite thing about sailing?

Letting the boat sail to its potential while correctly anticipating what the wind will do next is hard to beat. If you can do this a little better than the guy beside you, that’s nice too.

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