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In a C Scow, everything depends on your teamwork and the speed you can coax from the huge mainsail. Maximize that speed with a sail from North. With multiple designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect C Scow mainsail for your sailing style and the conditions. Expect more with North.


North Sails has been manufacturing and designing championship winning scow sails for over forty years and look forward to doing so for forty more. The North Sails One Design team… Read More

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All sailboats have a different feel when you steer them. Some have a naturally heavy windward helm, and some have very neutral or sometimes even leeward helm. All things being… Read More

C Scow Results

2021 Victory
Blue Chip Regatta
Cam McNeil
First Place
2021 Victory
Western Michigan Yachting Championship
Cam McNeil
1, 2
2021 Victory
Cam McNeil
First Place
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C Scow Class Experts

C Scow headshot

Alex Curtiss

Long Beach, California San Diego, California


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