Win More with North Fareast 28R Sails

Take the performance of your fast, light Fareast 28R with sails from North Sails. With multiple cuts to choose from, you’ll find the ideal asymmetric spinnaker or symmetric spinnaker for your sailing style. Combine those with your trusted North mainsail and jib, and feel the performance of your Fareast 28R.

Fareast 28R SAILS

We have fast sails for your boat. Please contact an expert or request a quote.

Fareast 28R NEWS

By Reed Baldrige On board communication for racing yachts is a key factor for performance, no matter what type of sailing. However, when the number of crew increases, it becomes… Read More

Fareast 28R Results

2017 Victory
World Championships
Marcus Löfgren
First Place
2019 Victory
Swedish Nationals
First Place
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Fareast 28R Class Experts


We don’t have a tuning guide for this class at the moment.

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