MC Scow Class Leading Sails

Whether you’re sailing solo or two-up, in light air or breeze, your MC Scow will have the power it needs with North Sails. With multiple designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect MC Scow mainsail to fit your sailing style and goals. Expect more with North.


North Sails has been manufacturing and designing championship winning scow sails for over forty years and look forward to doing so for forty more. The North Sails One Design team… Read More

North is a unique sailmaker, built on a champion spirit. We make history by looking ahead and that’s what sets us apart from other sailmakers. We’re proud to introduce Loft… Read More

North Sails clients have been winning regattas on the MC, E, A, C Scow, and X Boat circuits for several decades, and just like the past years, we have had… Read More

It’s a success! The new North Magnum design finishes 1,2 at the 2021 MC Scow Midwinters and the MC Rocket powered the winner at the Sarasota Bay Cup, the Pre-Midwinter… Read More

North Sails MC Scow experts Allan Terhune and Eric Doyle (AKA ‘the man who can always make fast sails faster’) have developed a new tuning guide for the MC Scow… Read More

In this webinar, North Sails experts Zeke Horowitz and Brian Hayes explain and demonstrate basic rules according to the US Sailing “Racing Rules of Sailing”. Using a whiteboard, Zeke re-creates… Read More

MC Scow Results

2023 Victory
Allan Terhune, Jr.
First Place
2022 Victory
National Championship
Allan Terhune
1, 2, 5
2022 Victory
Inland Lake Yacht Association Championship
Allan Terhune
First Place
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