Cruising Gennaker

A North Cruising Gennaker is a free-flying, asymmetric spinnaker tacked to the bow or sprit and does not require a spinnaker pole, special hardware or rigging. North Gennakers are offered in three distinct models (Close Reacher, All-Purpose, Runner), one of which will be a perfect fit depending on your boat’s performance parameters and your preferred wind range. All Cruising Gennaker models feature a wide steering groove to ensure maximum versatility, which is especially important when cruising at night or by autopilot.

  • * G1 and G2 Gennakers are compatible with North Snuffer Plus™ or external rope top-down furlers.
  • ** G Zero Gennakers are compatible with North Snuffer Plus™ or internal luff rope top-down or bottom-up furlers.

Standard Features

  • G1 and G2 available in choice of lightweight Nylon or Polyester spinnaker fabrics
  • G Zero available in Nylon, Polyester and Code Zero laminates
  • Color choices available for nylon spinnaker fabric
  • Stainless steel corner rings with strap reinforcement
  • Adjustable Dyneema leech, luff and foot cords
  • High Modulus Internal Luff Rope
  • North Spinnaker Box Sail Bag

Optional Features

  • North Snuffer Plus™ (G Zero, G1, G2)*
  • Anti Torsion Furling Luff Rope (G Zero)**
  • Step Up Cloth Weight Construction
  • Integral Clew Strop
  • Gybulator Lazy Sheet Keeper
  • Sail Numbers, Country Cod
  • Certified Measurement
  • SailKote Plus
  • Custom North Sails Graphics