North Sails for Grand Prix Racing

Grand Prix sailboat racing is about pure performance and winning championships. This quest aligns perfectly with the North Sails philosophy, which is why we have become the chosen partner for the world’s most successful programs.

Quite simply, Grand Prix is all about results—but running a successful Grand Prix program is quite complicated. Knowing your sails are the fastest they can be means one less thing to worry about, and one less thing to manage. As a program partner, we help simplify the design, production, and use of your sail inventory. North makes upgrading your sails easy, making it the fastest path to better boat speed. With sixty years of empirical data backing up our expertise, we are always learning new methods—and we are always looking towards other industries and aerospace advancements for inspiration. Constant innovation is what led us to 3Di, and it’s why we will come up with the next industry-changing development, too.

Our design team works on the cutting edge of sailing technology; aero, hydro and material science. We are constantly searching for ways to build faster and more versatile sails— because even the perfect sail that isn’t trimmed well won’t be achieving its full potential. We’ve proven that innovation can take place within box rules, and we work closely with each program to design the fastest possible sails for their boat and sailing team. Nothing is as smart as superior boat speed. Let North Sails help you win on the world stage.

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