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3Di Composite Sailmaking, Now Available Downwind

For the first time, sailors can enjoy the benefits of 3D molding and composite construction in select downwind sails. 3D molding provides a precisely shaped and smooth sail surface for optimized aerodynamics. Composite construction enables high-resolution spread filament tape distribution, placing exactly the right amount of material in exactly the right direction. 3Di Downwind eliminates the parasitic weight and inevitable distortion of mylar film – a significant advantage in lightweight downwind sails.

  • Custom designed sails for maximum VMG
  • Targeted for fast, flat Code Sail applications
  • Downwind spread filament tape series; high strength, lightweight.
  • Helix Technology is standard on all Code Sails
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • DOWNWIND 303: 100% Polyester
  • DOWNWIND 706: UltraPE / Aramid
  • DOWNWIND 706 HYBRID: UltraPE / Aramid
  • DOWNWIND 708: Carbon / UltraPE / Aramid
  • DOWNWIND 808: Carbon / UltraPE / Aramid
  • DOWNWIND STAYSAIL: Carbon / UltraPE / Aramid – Black Surface

Code Zero / Code 65 / Code 55 / Code 50 / Helix Furling Gennaker / Spinnaker Staysail / Mizzen Staysail 

Available Colors
  • black
  • grey

*Spinnaker Staysail and Mizzen Staysail available only in Black

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