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3Di ENDURANCE is the most rugged version of our composite molded sail technology.  ENDURANCE sails strike a balance between performance and reliability. Evolved from the original 3Di sail and continually refined, 3Di ENDURANCE represents the state of the art in high performance and durability.

In addition to the unique benefits inherent to all 3Di sails, the defining characteristic of ENDURANCE is a special group of external non-woven filament tapes that carry a tough, proprietary, surface resin. ENDURANCE offers enhanced protection against damage from flex, abrasion and UV exposure. For many sailors, this added durability is a worthwhile benefit despite a modest increase in sail weight and thickness compared to RAW sails.

3Di ENDURANCE is an ideal choice when:
  • You want to own the most advanced cruising sail available
  • You want to own a durable, high performance,
    race-capable sail
  • You may use your sails for either racing or cruising
  • Your boat performance will benefit from superior
    3D sail shape


  • 3D composite construction
  • Most durable 3Di sail available
  • The gold standard in offshore sailing
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • ENDURANCE 760: Ultra PE / Aramid
  • ENDURANCE 780: Ultra PE / Carbon / Aramid

Coastal Cruising / Offshore Cruising / Inshore Racing / Offshore Racing / Multihull

Available Colors
  • black
  • white
  • grey

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“The 3Di sails are fundamental in my equation –to race with real confidence you have to have sails that are well-tested, you can rely on and that you can push hard.”

Phil Sharp

Class 40 | UK

“3Di ENDURANCE 760 is the best investment I've made for my different boats. Initially the cost is higher, but the quality and durability of 3Di makes these sails more than profitable over time."

Jesús Turró

ICR, ORC, One Design | Spain

“The mainsails in the last race did 40,000 miles without an issue. Three races ago, each team needed three mains to get around the world, and the course was shorter then.”

Nathan Quirk

Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard | Sail Loft

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