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A New Class Of Superyacht Cruising Sails

3Di OCEAN is engineered to meet the expectations of large global cruising yachts. OCEAN features the highest Ultra PE content of any 3Di product, maximizing the benefits of Ultra PE material properties in spread filament, molded composite sailmaking. 3Di OCEAN sails provide ease of use and handling by reducing bulk, weight and stiffness while retaining ultimate breaking strength and reliability.

3Di OCEAN employs protective outer surfaces of woven polyester taffeta tapes that are tougher and more durable than non-woven ‘skins’. This surface provides additional protection against flex, chafe, abrasion and UV degradation. Available in a choice of surface colors, 3Di OCEAN sails provide the striking appearance and performance of 3Di, with a focus on long term durability and value.

3Di OCEAN is an Ideal choice when:
  • You own a large yacht and expect the highest quality sails
  • You require durability and reliability for global cruising
  • You expect sails that are easy to use and to own
  • You appreciate the elegance of superior technology


  • One-piece, 3D molded, seamless composite construction
  • High Ultra PE content for high strength and reliability
  • Integrated internal batten pockets, corner reinforcements and reef structure
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • OCEAN : Ultra PE / Aramid

Coastal Cruising / Offshore Cruising / Multihull

Available Colors
  • black
  • white
  • grey

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