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Molded Composite Cruising Sails

3Di OCEAN is a complete product line-up dedicated to and redefining cruising performance. 

As the industry leader, North Sails is at its best when applying energy and resources to developments that eventually reshape a product segment. In 2017 North Sails saw an opportunity to revolutionize the cruising market by re-inventing the traditional woven Dacron cruising sail, the first real cruising material innovation since the 1950s. Award-winning 3Di NORDAC quickly reset the benchmark for cruising performance. North Sails successfully expanded the 3Di sail cruising concept into larger yachts in 2018 with 3Di OCEAN 700. The addition of OCEAN 370 in 2020 is a testament to the brand’s pledge to supporting the cruising market with leading-edge sail technology. 

The use of North innovative and propriety 3Di technology and build process produces sails that are both stronger and easier to use. This technology produces sails that provide an enhanced cruising experience by reducing heel in a breeze and adding power in light air. 3Di Ocean sails are seamless, one-piece sails that are uniquely strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. This means enhanced safety onboard for you, your friends, and your family. Simply put, a more enjoyable sailing experience. 

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Recommended Use
  • OCEAN 700 : UltraPE/Aramid Hybrid
  • OCEAN 370 : Polyester/UltraPE Hybrid
  • OCEAN 330 : 100% 3Di NORDAC Polyester

* Surface tapes provide additional protection against flex,
chafe, abrasion and UV degradation.

Available Colors
  • black
  • white
  • grey

*OCEAN 330 only available in white.

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“Our 3Di OCEAN sails continue to amaze us. The shape and finish rival the best sails I've ever seen or used over my 40 plus years of sailing. We are exceptionally pleased with these sails.”

Steve Fredrick

First 42 | USA

“I am very satisfied with my 3Di OCEAN mainsail. It is very interesting to think that we have a cruising sail made with the same technology as the jibs of the Americas Cup."

Paco Alarcón

First 33.7 | Spain

"The breakthrough, is that North Sails adapted the 3Di technology to process polyester fibers. A 100 percent polyester sails that holds it’s shape and is low cost. Surely this is too good to be true?"

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