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The Pure Performance, Boatspeed Benchmark

3Di RAW is the lightest and fastest version of our composite molded sail technology. RAW is the ultimate evolution of racing sails, incorporating only the essential elements for high performance – with nothing unnecessary added. Due to its unequaled level of shape-holding and sail stability, 3Di RAW has dominated Grand Prix race courses worldwide and can now be found across all levels of racing, on boats of all sizes.

Compared to any other sail, RAW sails have the highest ratio of structural fiber weight to total sail weight as well as the lowest total sail weight.

3Di RAW is an ideal choice for you when:
  • You want to own the most advanced racing sail available
  • You demand winning performance from your equipment
  • You participate in class or handicap racing at a competitive level
  • Your boat and team will benefit from the world’s highest performance sails


  • 3D composite construction
  • Lightest 3Di sail available
  • Highest performance upwind sail available
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • RAW 330: 100% Polyester*
  • RAW 360: Polyester / Aramid
  • RAW 760: Ultra PE / Aramid
  • RAW 870: Carbon / Ultra PE / Aramid
  • RAW 880: Carbon / Ultra PE / Aramid
  • RAW 890: Carbon / Ultra PE / Aramid
Available Colors
  • black
  • white

*White only available in RAW 330

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"I'm impressed by 3Di RAW 880. The sails hold their shape longer than what I have previously used, and also appear to have more dynamic shape shifting when we make adjustments to our controls."

Morgan Trubovich

TP52 Phoenix | 52 Super Series

"We could not have managed this race with only five sailmakers for seven teams ten years ago. We would not have even tried because it was impossible. That reflects how good the 3Di product is."

Nathan Quirk

Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard

"Having new North 3Di RAW 760 sails is a thrill. The sails were forgiving and rewarded us with a surprising number of podium finishes. We'll be adding more 3Di to the inventory without hesitation."

David McCullough

J/33 | USA

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  • RAW featured boat
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  • RAW featured boat
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