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NPC CROSS-CUT sails are made from NorDac Fill™ woven sailcloth, which features high-tenacity polyester yarn. Refined by North Sails for over 50 years, NorDac Fill styles have the tightest possible weave density and deliver good shape holding with superior resistance to flogging, chafe, and UV damage.

NPC CROSS-CUT is an ideal choice when:
  • You want top quality sails that meet your budget
  • You expect long sail life
  • You keep your sailing simple and easy

NPC CROSS-CUT Highlights

  • Quality leader for woven dacron sailcloth
  • Cruising sails built to North Sails “BlueWater” specification
  • Racing sails optimized for speed and durability
  • Soft hand, easy handling
  • Broad wind range
  • Crosscut paneled construction aligns lowest-stretch fill yarns with primary leech loads
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • NorDac Fill Low Aspect (LA) : Designed for height/width ratios less than 2.5/1

    NorDac Fill high Aspect (HA) : Especially suited to taller, narrower sails

Coastal / Offshore and Global Cruising / Club Racing

Available Colors
  • white
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