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Paneled Sail Racing Performance

NPL SPORT sails feature high-performance North Sails Xi Race laminates, which are produced using the world’s most advanced sailcloth laminator. The result is exceptional laminate bonding with minimum adhesive. Our integrated eXact™ process allows on-the-fly application of variable-angle x-scrims that are unique to the industry. eXact x-scrims eliminate the parasitic bulk of carrier yarns used in pre-made scrims.

NPL SPORT is an ideal choice when:
  • You race One Design classes that do not allow 3Di sails
  • You want an affordable upwind sail for club racing
  • You want a high performance paneled “Code” style downwind sail
NEW V2 Syles Feature:
  • Solid black, matte finish for easy speed-reading of
    sail shape.
  • 2 mils of film for measurable improvements in off-warp direction stretch and strength performance
  • The proprietary eXact X-ply grid to eliminate the performance-robbing “carrier yarns” found in other brand scrim/insert sailcloth styles.
  • Our proprietary NorLam cross-linked PET resin system shrugs off heat, water, and UV at levels no string sails come close to matching.


  • Proven world leader in one design and club race paneled sails
  • Stronger, lower stretch, and lighter weight than other laminated sails
  • One of a kind Gravure laminator features exclusive eXact variable scrim integration
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • Xi RACE V2 : Matte black outer plies, black Twaron warp insert, eXact x-scrims
  • Xi RACE V2 T : Matte black outer ply side 1, black PET taffeta outer ply side 2,  black Twaron warp insert, eXact x-scrims
  • Xi RACE V2 AC : Matte black outer plies, black Twaron warp insert, carbon fiber warp insert, eXact x-scrims

One Design / Inshore Racing / Offshore Racing

Available Colors
  • black
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