North Sails for Offshore Racing

Offshore racing sailors must be prepared for whatever comes their way, which makes sailing in open water the ultimate testing ground for new products. When the ocean tosses up a new challenge, there’s no time for equipment failure. And offshore sailors put the hammer down and send it, which means our offshore racing sails must be as fast as they are durable.

Thanks to our ground-breaking 3Di composite sails, North Sails offers sails to the offshore racing fraternity that have been proven around the world. We develop and build new sails that address the challenges of our existing customers, while simultaneously seeking out the knowledge we need to meet the next new challenge.

Our engineers take a fully integrated approach to sail design, working with mast designers, naval architects, and weather routers before your sail is built. Each sailing team is different, and each boat has different strengths. We can help you develop an inventory that maximizes your individual strengths—while still making sure you’re ready to handle anything the weather throws at you.

3Di proved so consistent and reliable during the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race that the organizers again selected North Sails as the official sail supplier for the 2017-18 race. They trust our product to perform around the world, with limited breakdowns and excellent longevity. And from listening to both sailors and organizers, we’ll gain valuable feedback that will help us improve our products for future teams and events.

No matter what your goal—achieving line honors, winning the next big event, or setting an outright speed record—we can help you achieve it.

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