North Sails Original Equipment

North Sails is a proud supplier to quality boatbuilders worldwide for a wide variety of boats, from recreational dinghies to Olympic classes. By partnering with select builders, we support recreational sailing, community sailing, college sailing, Olympic sailing, and activities such as the America’s Cup Youth Program. We are helping to develop new sailors, and also increasing access at both the grassroots and high-end levels of our sport.

Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities and our North Cloth material division, we are able to provide high quality sails in a consistent and timely manner. North Original Equipment Sails are fast, fun, consistent, and durable – and they can be customized with distinctive graphics or sail colors.

The majority of our Original Equipment sails are produced at our wholly-owned facility in Sri Lanka. Our manufacturing process offers a number of tangible benefits to both boatbuilders and end users, including:

  • Quality assurance
  • Process control
  • Efficiency and economics of scale
  • Technical superiority and process automation
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reduced lead times

This all adds up to a consistent, high quality product that will meet the needs of both sailors and our boatbuilding partners.

Do you own a boat that came with a North sail? Most of our Original Equipment sails are sold directly through the boat manufacturer or dealer. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Does your Original Equipment sail need repair? Bring it to your nearest North Loft and we will gladly provide service as needed to get you back out on the water again.

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