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North Sails for Superyachts

Superyachts are the grand scale of sailing – equal parts beauty and performance. No two yachts are the same and Superyacht owners expect sails that match their vision for the yacht.  Modern advancements in yacht design, construction, spar, and sail technology are creating larger and more complex yachts with more sailmaking challenges than ever before. Superyacht sails must be high strength, low stretch and durable. These are the largest sails in the world and require analytical design, custom engineering, advanced materials and specialized manufacturing. Superyacht sails also require unique and innovative sail handling solutions.

Today’s Superyachts are found both racing and cruising, often in remote locations. Providing sails that perform well and function properly for prolonged periods is essential – as moving and maintaining Superyacht sails is a challenge in itself.

North Sails provide unequaled Superyacht products, services, and solutions, making us a trusted partner to Superyacht owners and crews worldwide. The engine above the deck. North Sails powerful analytical tools allow for close collaboration with hull and rig designers. Proprietary North Design Suite is a powerful set of software that can help determine loads to optimize the complex equipment relationships onboard a Superyacht. The result is a sail package that will deliver the highest performance and an experience tailored to your Superyacht.

North Sails has the largest global network of any sailmaker. Superyachts rely on this network of North Sails experts to actively support their adventures. Our dedicated Superyacht sail-repair facilities employ the best sailmakers, working on the most modern equipment. New Zealand, Palma Majorca, Rhode Island, San Diego, Singapore, and Antigua are places where you will find dedicated North Sails Superyacht support.

North Sails modern approach to sailmaking puts us at the forefront of Superyacht innovation. Recent examples include introducing 3Di ENDURANCESY composite sails, to our new super-loft in Gosport, England – purpose built to manufacture Superyacht sails, North Sails is the leader in providing solutions to meet the demands of custom projects.

North Sails’ proving ground is in the extreme. Our knowledge and our products are tested under the most demanding conditions, resulting in sails that are as reliable as they are fast. Superyacht owners benefit from our wealth of knowledge. Our commitment to progress helps merge beauty and performance.

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3Di ENDURANCE sails are made with the same precision technology as 3Di RAW, but feature a tough surface resin, carried by light non-woven outer tapes to enhance durability. Ideal for high performance offshore racing and global cruising where long-term durability is paramount.