• Lionheart


  • LOA

    43.4 m

  • BEAM

    6.55 m


    4.72 m


    Claasen Jachtbouw. Hull built by F. Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw




In 1930 Harold Vanderbilt achieved the pinnacle of yacht racing success by defending the America’s Cup in the J-Class ‘Enterprise’. Vanderbilt contacted Sparkman & Stephens to discuss the possibility of a new yacht under the Universal Rule. It was agreed that Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens would each present four designs and Vanderbilt funded the operation. The project that would eventually produce ‘Ranger’ had begun.

Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens produced four designs apiece for Vanderbilt. Fast forward to 2005 and Andre Hoek of Hoek Design got involved analyzing the potential of the seven remaining hulls designed by Burgess and Stephens for the Vanderbilt syndicate. Using both state of the art computer models and now traditional water tank testing, Hoek advised to use hull 77-F as the one with the biggest potential. It is hull 77-F that has now been built as ‘Lionheart’, 75 years after she was conceived on the drawing boards.

She was launched in the summer of 2010. She arrived at the racing scene in 2012 and showed great potential by winning the Kings 100 Guineas Cup in Cowes.

Sail inventory:
North Sails 3Di RAW Mainsail, G1, and J3
North Sails 3Di ENDURANCE G2
North Sails NPC DOWNWIND A1-4 and S2
North Sails 3DL TOUR Genoa Staysail

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