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septiembre 6, 2019


North Sails Announces Winning Inventory for the Upcoming Season

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North Sails is excited to announce a new Australian model line of sails for your Etchells program. At the 2019 Worlds in Corpus Christi, we learned a lot about various setups and we are happy to share the options and sail models that will help get you onto the podium in 2020. Whether you choose our time-tested standard designs or these new models, we are confident we have the best product line for the upcoming World Championship in Sydney.

Tuning Philosophy

Traditional tuning has centered around adjustments to forestay, mast butt, and shrouds. These time-tested settings are in our tuning guide and fit a lot of different styles.

At the 2019 Worlds, we learned about a new tuning style that keeps the forestay and mast butt in a more static location and then tensions and moves the shrouds. The goal is a tighter forestay (and subsequently straighter jib luff), which helps keep the leech stays open even when you inhaul aggressively; that reduces sheeting angle and maintains a symmetrical slot between main and jib. Our new Australian jibs (LM-6R, MAL and GT) are designed for a tighter headstay, while working perfectly with our PC-FM mainsail.

If you choose to stay with a more traditional tuning approach, our radial jibs are showing impressive longevity; they are built out of North Radian cloth, which is quite popular in the J/70 and other small keelboats. These jibs also provide a wider crossover through the wind range.

Which jib will be right for your program depends on your tuning and sailing styles. Need help deciding? Just ask.

Spinnakers in 2020

Our standard VMG and FR spinnakers are still available for 2020. To this time-tested lineup, we now proudly introduce the FR-2 running spinnaker. This sail won the 2019 Worlds and shows incredible versatility. Andrew Wills, the Etchells expert at North Sails New Zealand, is very impressed with how the sail sets up. “The range that the FR-2 has is incredible. In the past we would look to swap out to a VMG pretty quick as the wind died, but with the FR-2, we’ve got confidence along a bigger wind range.”

Designing winning sails is only half the battle; we also want to help you choose the right sails that will match your team’s expertise and tuning. We are your speed consultants, so let us know how we can help you perform your best at the 2020 Worlds—or whatever regattas you plan to sail in 2020.

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