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septiembre 3, 2019


Step By Step With North Sails Ken Read

馃摳 Melges Performance Sailboats / Sarah Wilkinson for Beigel Sailing Media

With just three sails for all conditions, the ability to reef both the main and jib of the IC37 is crucial to sailing the boat in heavier air. The best way to properly de-power your boat is to reef your sails, and North Sails has done everything possible to make this an easy adjustment. Class rules state that in 18-20 knots, the Race Committee can display code flags which mean you need to reef your sails before the starting sequence.

From the time they hoist the 鈥淰鈥 flag (which means reef your mainsail) or the 鈥淛鈥 flag (which means reef your jib), you鈥檝e got 10 minutes to reef before the start of the sequence. North Sails President Ken Read explains the process for reefing your sails on the IC37 in this latest how-to video. Learn how to do it and be comfortable setting it up so when the time comes, there is no question when you are out on the racecourse.

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