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Sail Loft Services In Gosport, UK

North Sails is the number one sailmaker in the Gosport, UK area for buying new sails and professional sail repair. Whether you spend your time racing or cruising, we take pride in making sure each sailor is receiving world-class sails with personal, local service.

New Sails

North Sails is regarded as the premier sailmaker for all racing and cruising sailboats. Since the founding of our first sail loft in 1957, we have been the number one new sail choice for world-champion racers, superyachts, one-design sailboats, catamarans, trimarans, and casual cruisers. New sail options range to cater to any sailing adventure or budget. North Sails is the only brand in the UK to offer sail built with 3D design and production. Contact our experts to learn more.

Professional Sail Repair

Our sail loft services are dedicated to providing Gosport, UK with professional sail repairs, maintenance, and upgrades in a timely manner. We know that whether you’re dedicated to racing or cruising, your sails are a major investment, and we’re committed to helping you maximize their performance and lifespan. We recommend an annual inspection of your sail inventory to make sure you’re maintaining the intended performance and protecting your investment.

Custom Sailboat Covers

Beyond helping sailors find the right new sail, our team also wants to make sure your sails and boat are properly protected from sunlight exposure and weather. North Sails sailmakers are highly experienced at creating a range of sailboat covers that are both common and custom. From mainsail covers, to roller furling headsail covers, to dodger covers, we have a variety of solutions to protect your boat. Contact your local sail loft or expert near you to get started on your next cover.

Sail Washing

Keep your boat well maintained and looking clean by washing mold and dirt off your old sails. Washing sails will keep your sail colors as crisp as they day you got them. Contact your local North Sails loft in Gosport, UK for more details on how you can get your sails washed at your local loft.

Certified Service

At North Sails, our mission is to provide you with expert repairs, maintenance, and upgrades in a timely manner. We know that whether you race or cruise, your sails are a major investment, and we’re committed to helping you maximize their performance and lifespan. Our unmatched worldwide network means you get the same quality service whether you’re at home or in a distant port. And our expert staff can handle virtually any service need.

North Sails proudly offers one year of sail care and service free* with the purchase of a new cruising, racing, or one design sail. This program is honored anywhere in our worldwide network of sales and service locations. Every sail serviced by North Sails undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on. An annual inspection of your inventory will aid significantly in extending sail life and maintaining peak performance.

Sail Evaluation

Boat speed is what wins races, and having your sail evaluated before each season is the best way to start off in the front of the pack. Improving your boat settings and having your sails evaluated can help you find the areas of improvement. Sail Evaluations can help determine what rigging adjustments are needed, or how your sails can be refitted to work better with your mast. Bring your sails into your nearest loft so we can evaluate your sails. By getting your sails evaluated, your North expert can pinpoint what can be done to improve your sailing, no matter what kind of racing you do.

Sail Storage

As much as we don’t like to admit it, the summer sailing season goes by fast and it’s important to remember your sail care at the end of the season. Sail storage is the best way to give your sails the TLC they’ve worked hard for over the winter months is the best way to assure they are ready to take on the next sailing season. Storing your sails in a cool, dry location accessible to you on any day is the best way to protect your investment. Our team of Certified Service experts are ready to store your sails for safe-keeping in the seasons you are not on the water and make sure they are ready for your upcoming season.

One Design Consulting

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Interested in a one design class? Our North Sails experts are fluent in many classes that are making waves all over the world, and they can guide you to the finish line as one design sail consultants. Need advice on finding the right one design for you? Interested in a quote for new sails? Looking for some one on one help to get familiar with sailing your one design? Contact us, your one design sail consultants, and we can help you put together all the pieces you need to get out there and enjoy racing. There are many one design classes to choose from, and we’ve got an expert that knows that class well and can help you get familiar with it too so you can focus on having fun.

10-Point Sail Inspection

Regular sail inspections are important to keep up with, especially when it comes to investing in sails. Bring your sails in for our 10-point inspection, which can guarantee you being on the water every day of the year. Our 10-point inspection includes everything from inspecting all webbings, stitching, luff tapes, attachments, leech line and foot cords, the condition of your sail cloth, batten pockets, chafe and UV. When you bring your sails in for our 10-point inspection, you get a detailed report so you know the condition of your sails.

Annual Inspection

Annual inspection of your sails will help extend the sail life and maintain performance. When your sails arrive, a member of our service team will thoroughly inspect your sails and identify any maintenance issues with recommendations on how to proceed to maintain their longevity. This service is standard across any North Sails loft due to our unmatched worldwide network means you get the same quality service whether you’re at home or in a distant port. Get your sails inspected annually to stay in the game.
Sail Measurement

Having your sails measured is important to keep up with class rules and regulations. It’s always good to know your sail measurements so you know what options you have as far as sail selection for different types of racing. Over time certain sail materials may stretch, so it’s good to get your sails measured each year to keep track of wear and tear. You may find you have an all-round inventory, but maybe you need a sail that is a crossover that can perform through a wind range in case sail changes are limited. This is where getting your sails measured becomes a priority. Our North Sails experts can come to you to refit your sails, or you can bring them in so the service team can measure your sails so you have a reference. Once you know what you have and how you can use it, you can decide if you need to add an additional sail for your inventory, and from there, request a sail quote to fit your needs or get a new sail replacement.

Sail Hardware Upgrades

When you need new sails, you likely need to think about a hardware upgrade. Whether it’s on the sail, or on your boat, when used extensively and pushed to maximum potential, things need to be replaced time after time when used extensively. Give us a call and we can take a look at your sail inventory to see if you need to upgrade your hardware. This will prevent an unexpected breakdown, which could be costly. Protect your investment with North Sails service teams, and get your sail hardware checked.

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