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Extended Testing Proves V17 Jib Delivers Improved Performance in All Conditions

North Sails sail designer and Lightning legend, Ched Proctor has devoted many years and thousands of sailing hours perfecting fast Lightning sail designs. The “King of the South”, a nickname earned by winning a record seven Southern Circuits, Ched is one of the most renowned and respected Lightning sail designers in the 80 year history of the class. The Lightning sails produced by North Sails have been the Lightning sailors’ choice for decades, so developing a new, faster radial jib was no easy task.

I feel confident in our products and feel our sails are, by far, the fastest and the most versatile sails in the market. That said I am always looking to create a faster sail. Getting the V17 to the point where I feel confident enough to use and sell it to our clients was quite a  challenge!” said Ched Proctor.

The new V17 jib was developed based on the design of the R75 and the shaping of the 5A+ jibs. Utilizing a radial head and clew section, the V17 has proven to be incredibly fast and versatile in all conditions. The prototype was tested at the 2017 Southern Circuit where it won all the events and, after further testing and minor tweaks to make the sail smooth and easy to trim, the V17 is now ready and available to help you and your team get to the podium.

“Ched has been very focused on making improvements to our radial sail program. After many hours of testing and tweaking, he has created the V17 which has proven to be a very fast and pretty sail. I think it is the perfect compliment to our winning lineup and a great option for someone looking for that performance edge,” said North Sails Lightning Global Class Leader, Brian Hayes.

The new V17 is now in stock and ready to ship for your next Lightning regatta.

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Story Contributors

Introducing the New V17 Radial Jib for the Lightning Class headshot
Ched Proctor

One Design Expert, Sail Designer — Steelpointe Harbor, Connecticut

Ched Proctor started racing one design sailboats at Scituate Harbor Yacht Club on the south shore of MA when he was 10 and hasn’t stopped. He has worked at North Sails in Wisconsin, Melbourne, Australia (where he and John Bertrand...

Introducing the New V17 Radial Jib for the Lightning Class headshot
Brian Hayes

One Design Expert — Steelpointe Harbor, Connecticut

Brian has been a sailmaker at North for over 30 years. Starting out in handwork and layout he spent his early career in the Big Boat area sailing One Tonners and J35's amongst other offshore boats. In 1993 he transitioned...

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