A Winning History in The Monotype-XV Class

Every day on the ice is a good day. Make it even better with a Monotype-XV Iceboat sail that’s built for speed and whatever conditions the lake throws at you. With multiple designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect Monotype-XV Iceboat mainsail to suit your sailing style. Expect more with North.

Monotype-XV Iceboat SAILS

We have fast sails for your boat. Please contact an expert or request a quote.

Monotype-XV Iceboat NEWS

North is a unique sailmaker, built on a champion spirit. We make history by looking ahead and that’s what sets us apart from other sailmakers. We’re proud to introduce Loft… Read More

Monotype-XV Iceboat Results

Are you a class champion? We would love to add your name to the #NSVictoryList.

Monotype-XV Iceboat CLASS EXPERTS

Monotype-XV Iceboat Class Experts

Monotype-XV Iceboat TUNING GUIDE

We don’t have a tuning guide for this class at the moment.

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