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Thirty-eight teams came to Cowes with the hopes of engraving their names in the prestigious Edinburgh Cup Trophy

The Dragon Edinburgh Cup this year was sponsored by Oliver Morgan Architects and Stoneham Construction Ltd. and came to a stylish conclusion in Cowes with a thrilling race which determined the winner. A spectacular prize giving dinner and closing ceremony created the perfect ending to this successful event.

Going into the final day, four boats were in contention to claim the prestigious Edinburgh Cup, which was first raced out of Cowes from the Island Sailing Club 69 years ago. This year 38 teams from six nations challenged each other for the right to engrave their names onto the trophy. With a week of mixed weather conditions from light winds to heavy, sun and rain, the sailors were tested in all conditions making this a true competition of who could overcome all obstacles.

Congratulations to Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Will Heritage and Will Bedford for clinching the title in the final nail-biting race of the series. North sails clients finished strong, placing 2, 3*, 4, 6*, 7, 8 ,10  and were a dominant feature in the fleet. Congrats to Andy Beadsworth and team on Provezza Dragon for hanging in there!

(*Denotes partial inventory)

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Provezza Dragon – Edinburgh Cup 2017
Edinburgh Cup 2017

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Jamie grew up in Exmouth on the river Exe and at the age of six. He had the opportunity to crew in an International Cadet, which gave him the ‘bug’ -and by the age of 10 Jamie was helming his...

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