Carasco Italy

Sales, Service, One Design

Loft Info

40B/1, Via Pontevecchio
Carasco, Genova 16042
39 0185 3526


Bend on / Bend off, Canvas, Certified Service, Sail Hardware Upgrades, Sail Inspection / Evaluation, Sail Measurement, Sail Repair, Sail Storage, Sail Washing


08:00 – 18:00

North Sails Experts

Carasco, Italy headshot

Giulio Desiderato

One Design Expert

Carasco, Italy headshot

Andrea Casale

Sail Expert

Carasco, Italy headshot

Stefano Orlandi

Sail Expert

Carasco, Italy headshot

Alessio Razeto

Loft Manager, Sales Manager

Carasco, Italy headshot

Daniele Cassinari

Loft Manager


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