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Gosport, UK

Gosport is a full manufacturing and service facility covering design, sail servicing, building and finishing. In addition to offering ‘one stop’ for all of a client’s sail needs, Gosport handles special projects across Superyacht, One Design and Grand Prix classes. It offers custom finishing (especially for larger projects due to the floor size) and is a specialized finishing site for 3Di products for Superyachts and Grand Prix racing projects.

Facts and stats:

  • Dedicated One Design sail manufacturing floor
  • Europe shared cloth and hardware distribution hub.
  • Superyacht finishing floor 101m x 33m (room to lay out two J Class headsails and a mainsail at the same time)
  • Total area 69,000 sq ft
  • 60,000 sq ft production area and 9,000 sq ft office space
  • #GoBeyond