North Sails NEWS

November 21, 2018


Video With Tips and Advice on How to Trim the Mainsail on a Flying Scot

We’ve all heard it one hundred times…. „Boat speed is King.“ That’s all well and good but how are we supposed to know how to achieve it?? In this video with North Sails expert Zeke Horowitz, you’ll be able to see and learn how, when, and why to play the controls on your mainsail while sailing upwind.

The key is to remember that sail trim needs to be dynamic – you need constant tweaks and adjustments to keep the boat moving as fast as possible for as long as possible.

You’ll learn to develop a short checklist based on feel and visuals so that you’ll know what needs to be adjusted and when. The important elements to check on for proper mainsail trim are:

  • Feel on the helm
  • Heel of the boat
  • Leech tension/twist
  • „Speed wrinkles“ in the lower 1/3rd of the sail.

You want to generate the right mix of all of these elements with a dynamic trim approach so that you can sail with the boat as flat as possible, as steady as possible (constant heel angle), and at as high a pointing angle as possible without losing center board flow.

Boat speed is King and it’s just that simple. 😉

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