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Story Contributors: Allan Terhune, Eric Doyle


First Look at the New MC Magnum

The MC Scow Happy Hour was held virtually on Friday, February 5th, for a virtual debrief about the Lake Eustis Training Week/Train Wreck Regatta with North Sails MC Scow expert Allan Terhune and North sail analyst Eric Doyle. During a week of training in Lake Eustis, FL, Allan and Eric had a chance to test the new MC Magnum sail, which is an optimization of the very successful MC Z-Max. They shared their impressions on the new sail and tuning findings for light conditions. In fact, Eric and Allan are working on a new Tuning Guide for the MC Scow class to incorporate a lot of what they learned about the boat.

Take a seat and enjoy the conversation!

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Story Contributors

Let’s Talk MC Scow | First Look at the MC Magnum headshot
Allan Terhune

One Design Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

Allan Terhune, Jr., has won eleven North American Championships (in the Lightning, Flying Scot and Thistle Classes) and was crowned the 2013 J/22 World Champion. Allan is also a class expert in the Etchells, J/70, J/80, J/88, J/105, J/111 with...

Let’s Talk MC Scow | First Look at the MC Magnum headshot
Eric Doyle

One Design Expert — San Diego, California

Eric was raised in Pass Christian along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he learned at a ripe young that he was hooked on sailing. After attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, he was scooped up by Hall of Famer...

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