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Sailmaker Supporting The Local Community, Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

From his small North Sails loft on Casco Bay in Maine, Eric Baldwin is making a big difference in his community. Baldwin and his team at North Sails were featured on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend for his initiative in kick-starting the North Sails mask-making efforts in North America. Baldwin, as well as several of our Certified Service Centers across the country, have been producing masks for their local communities. Customer Service has always been at the core of North Sails mission, and now, sailmakers are stepping up in a new way to serve their North Sails families.

North Sails will continue to help where possible with the fight against COVID-19. That said, our Certified Service Centers are built for repairing sails both in staffing and machinery which limits our ability to make a dent in the demand for cotton masks. What we do have are proper cutting machines that can be easily diverted away from sailmaking. This got us thinking, why not use these machines to create a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mask kit, and get supplies out to the public quickly?

DIY masks are already popular on the internet, and we believe that by creating and distributing our own template and materials to the DIY warriors at home is the best way for North Sails to make a difference.

We can’t think of a better excuse to dust off your old Singer Sewing machine. Available for order through, the DIY kits are available in packs of 20 masks and come with step-by-step instructions. We hope you remember how to wind that bobbin!


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Eric Baldwin

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South Freeport, Maine

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