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Learn More About the New 3Di OCEAN Line-Up with Our Q+A

Q: What is 3Di OCEAN?

A: 3Di OCEAN is the newest line of 3Di sails from North Sails, designed and engineered exclusively for cruising.

Q: Is 3Di OCEAN right for my type of boat and sailing?

A: 3Di OCEAN is for you if you are looking for a premium cruising product, providing high strength and durability with all of the advantages of 3Di sailmaking.

Q: What is different and better about 3Di sailmaking?

A: 3Di is a unique-to-North molded composite sailmaking process. With 3Di, individual filament tapes are printed in precise tape vectors (length/direction) and densities. This membrane is then consolidated using heat and thermoset resin on a full size, sail-shaped mold. 3Di results in strong, smooth, and precisely shaped sails.

Q: How does 3Di OCEAN differ from your other 3Di products?

A: 3Di OCEAN sails are optimized for cruising strength and durability, while 3Di RAW sails are engineered for low stretch and lightweight racing performance. 3Di ENDURANCE sails are suitable for both cruising and racing – with a balance between low stretch shape-holding and added durability.

Q: Which 3Di OCEAN sail is right for me?

A: 3Di OCEAN comes in three distinct styles, for an increasing range of boat sizes:

  • OCEAN 330 is 100% NORDAC Polyester and suited for 25’-45’ cruising boats
  • OCEAN 370 is for boats larger than 45’ including many cruising multihulls which require the lower stretch and greater strength of Ultra PE blended with 3Di NORDAC polyester
  • OCEAN 700 serves boats larger than 60’ with a high modulus blend of UltraPE and aramid

3Di Ocean Cruising Product Line

Q: How long has North been building 3Di cruising sails?

A: 3Di technology has been around for over a decade, and 3Di sails are in use on thousands of boats that have sailed millions of miles.

Q: What are some specific benefits of 3Di OCEAN sails?

A: 3Di OCEAN is beneficial because it is durable.  3Di NORDAC Polyester and UltraPE fibers are more UV and flex-fatigue resistant than other fibers used in upwind sail materials. The product composite construction with thermoset resin means no mylar, eliminating the problem of delamination associated with laminates and string sails. 3Di OCEAN has a specialized outer surface tape, that provides chafe and abrasion protection–which is great for in-mast or in-boom furling.

Q: Are 3Di Ocean sails good for racing?

A: Not as good as an ENDURANCE or RAW sail! OCEAN is not engineered specifically for racing. Sure, if you want to join an occasional race or rally, 3Di OCEAN sails will be fine. If you are looking for dual-purpose “crossover” sails – that can be found with 3Di ENDURANCE. And of course, 3Di RAW is racing.

Q: What about other materials? Does North still make cross-cut cruising sails?

A: Yes, North has other paneled cruising sail options available. NPC Cross-Cut sails feature traditional woven polyester. NPL Tour sails are made of proprietary laminated sailcloth to match a variety of applications and price points. Depending upon your needs and expectations, North has a cruising sail that is right for you.


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