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3Di OCEAN is Available for Order Now

After an exhaustive research and development program, North Sails is thrilled to launch 3Di OCEAN 370, our latest innovative sail product that completes a line-up of 3D molded sails dedicated to cruising. 

This new product is built on the success of  North Sails revolutionary 3Di NORDAC polyester for smaller boats and OCEAN 700, the ultimate superyacht cruising sail. 3Di OCEAN 370 sits between those two products to meet the unique needs of cruising boats in the 35-60 foot range for both monohulls and the growing multihull cruising community. North 3Di sails are the patented sail technology shaped on 3-dimensional molds originally developed for racing, and now revolutionizing the cruising market with 3Di OCEAN.   

3Di Ocean Cruising Product Line

As the industry leader, North Sails is at its best when applying energy and resources to developments that eventually reshape a product segment. In 2017 North Sails saw an opportunity to revolutionize the cruising market by re-inventing the traditional woven Dacron cruising sail. Utilizing robust Dacron 3Di tapes and 3-dimensional molds, North introduced the first real cruising material innovation since Dacron replaced cotton in the 1950s. Award-winning 3Di NORDAC quickly reset the benchmark for cruising performance, while maintaining the traditional look of Dacron sails. North Sails took the 3Di molded sail cruising concept into superyachts in 2018 with 3Di OCEAN 700 for larger yachts who were looking for improved handling and long-lasting beautiful sails. The addition of OCEAN 370, the third modern cruising product release from North Sails in three years, is a testament to the brand’s pledge to supporting the cruising market with leading-edge sail technology. 

Our company culture is driven by an innate desire to continually develop sail technologies that allow sailors to have a more enjoyable experience”, says North Sails President Ken Read. Cruising offers an outlet to escape life on land, and the North Sails commitment to the cruising community is stronger than ever. We front-footed our cruising product development and brought forward almost a year the expansion of our product line. We’re looking forward to having more sailors experience the next level of cruising sail durability and performance with the 3Di OCEAN range.

The use of North innovative and proprietary 3Di technology and build process produces sails that are both stronger and easier to use. This technology produces sails that provide an enhanced cruising experience by reducing heel in a breeze and adding power in light air. 3Di OCEAN sails are seamless, one-piece sails that are uniquely strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. This means enhanced safety onboard for you, your friends, and your family.  Simply put, a more enjoyable sailing experience.

3Di OCEAN sails are available for order now. Get in touch with your local North Sails loft to learn more about this new product and summer delivery.


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