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Sail Trim, Boat Speed, Crew Tips, and More

We’ve collected all five North Sails IC37 Webinars, hosted by IC37 Class Coach, Greg Fisher, featuring special guests and key experts in the class. Each webinar focuses on something new; from upwind to downwind sail trim to heavy air, overpowered sail trim and rig set up. Hear from Ben Kinney, main trimmer on Members Only, 2019 National Champs on how to obtain maximum speed and stability across a wide range of conditions. From a designers point of view, North Sails  designer Mike Marshall shows us the difference in sail trim modes across the ranges using visual support. Grab your notebook and hear the best-of talk about IC37 sailing so you can become the ultimate IC37 sailor.

📸  Hannah Lee Noll / Melges IC37 Training Weekend 2019

Learn about building boat speed in light air conditions, and how sail trim plays plays an intricate role in maintaining power through the lulls.


Upwind Light Air Sail Trim



📸  Hannah Lee Noll / Melges IC37

Staying powered up but not rounding up is key in heavy air conditions. Hear more about best sail trim practices and communication between the trimmers and helmsman.


Upwind Heavy Air Sail Trim



ic37 headsail
📸  North Sails / James Tomlinson

Discover more about ideal sail trim, using jib leads to create the right entry window when it comes to headstay tension, and shifting the power up on the main to stay in control.


Sail Trim: Medium to Overpowered Conditions



racing spinnaker downwind
📸  Melges IC37 Class Association / NYYC

The IC37 is a highly physical boat. Our experts dive into the run, going through all the details on how you can get the most speed to stay ahead of the competition.


Downwind Boat Handling



📸  Melges IC37 Class Association / NYYC

Hear from the experts on how to accomplish the perfect drop with the retriever line, and what each role is responsible for to assure a clean mark rounding.


Leeward Mark Roundings