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North Sails On Top Of The Podium In Monaco

Congratulations to Kilian Wagen and his Decouvertes Geomod crew, winners of the 2022 J/70 World Championship, along with Wagen’s country mate, Nick Zeltner, on North-powered Quarter2eleven who won the 2022 Corinthian World title. The Swiss team’s victory came in a single-day shootout on the final day of the event, following four days of no wind in Monaco. 

By the time racing finally got underway the competition was fierce and the fleet pushed hard resulting in several UFD and BFD penalties. Staying behind the line and in the first row was nearly impossible, but the teams that were able to execute were off to the races. Although the wait was arduous, racing conditions for the one day 3-race series were gorgeous with 8-12 knots, nice rolling swells and very large and long lasting oscillations in the breeze. Because of huge shifts, it was important to keep all options open on the massive starting line and be willing to shift to the other end in a hurry if necessary. 

As always, boat speed was imperative but setting the boat up to be easy and forgiving was key since you had to be prepared to race through a gamut of conditions: clear lanes, dirty air, big chop, as well as flat water. Teams had to be in sync on sail trim, body movement and steering in order to keep the boat moving and out of trouble. With nine of the top ten boats flying North Sails, it’s clear that those powered by North were the most prepared for this style of racing. Wagen found the winning combination to be North’s J/70 XCS-4 mainsail with the J-2+SL and North Sails AP-1 Airx Asymmetric, allowing him to keep the boat near top end speed through the infinite spectrum of demands required to win. As a result, North Sails proudly claimed another One Design World Champion, Kilian Wagen, and nine of the ten top finishes, again demonstrating why North Sails is the #1 choice of J/70 champions.



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