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#NSVictoryList For Baltimore Cup Clients

📸 Deirdre Horgan

Congratulations to all North customers for their great results in the recently held 1720 Baltimore Cup. Special congratulations goes to first overall finisher, Robert O’Leary, sporting North Sails 3Di main and Genoa.  Well done to second place finisher Anthony O’Leary, flying the same combination of North 3Di sails. Fionn Lyden came in 3rd overall, flying a 3Di main, and the Durcan Family sailing T-Bone was 4th overall Flying 2017 3DL upwind sails and excelling downwind with the latest T-6 spinnaker design.

T-Bone was the only boat to win two races.Great to see this class enjoying such close racing in the beautiful waters of Baltimore.

Back in April 2019 I wrote a piece called “The Trickledown effect“. The article explains how 3Di started life in the America’s Cup and is now on the smallest One Design boats including the 1720.

While on the subject of 3Di, take a look here to understand exactly how it’s made. Totally unique in the sailmaking world. When you watch this video, it will explain why a 3Di sail might cost a little more than a conventional 2D sail, and why it will last significantly longer in the long run.

We look forward to the next 1720 regatta at the end of August as part of the Cork 300 celebrations. Till then, sail fast!

📸 Deirdre Horgan

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Nigel Young

Myrtleville, Ireland

Nigel started Sailmaking in 1981 in Cowes on the IOW. In 1990, he ran HOOD Sails OD production in Lymington. In 1995, he joined North Sails, as part of the North-Diamond Sails merger. Nigel ran North Sails OD in the...

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