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North Sails Fashionistas Share Their Must-Have’s

We all have our favourite pieces of gear that we cannot leave the dock without. For me it’s my sunnies, for others it’s their foulies, and for some it’s their hat. Either way, we all have those items that make our life better while out on the water so why not share them? Here’s a few of our favourite things:

UV Shirt

The secret weapon to adjusting to temperatures on the water: layering. Beyond dealing with varying temperatures, UV shirts help protect you against harmful UV rays. No one enjoys a sunburn, they are literally the worst. Be smart, layer up and avoid becoming a lobster. My North Sails UV technical shirts are the best for this, especially on warmer days. Technical gear has come a long way meaning these shirts aren’t hot and you can wear them on 20+ days. Even on cooler days, or in the morning, these UV shirts can help as a breathable base layer underneath a fleece.


While most people like a jacket of some sort to take on the water, I prefer to always have a vest. They are just enough weight to keep you warm yet not too hot; while also breaking the wind on those days when it’s blowing. Plus the pockets are enough to stash tape, a knife and snacks. My go to vest these days has been the Super Light Vest from North Sails Collection, super easy to pack in your bag too.


My sunglasses are my best friend when it comes to gear. I swear my eyes have become baby-like and can’t function without sunglasses now. It’s important to remember your eyes need protection as well when out on the water, not just your skin. Less strain on your eyes and no burning of your eyes are key. Investing in a good pair of polarized sunglasses (croakies too!) is never a bad idea if you spend a lot of time on the water.


Last but not least are salopettes. They keep you warm & dry while also protecting you from the elements. There is nothing worse than being cold while sailing (everything goes down hill when you are).

In addition to the items above, we recommend such as headlights for overnight races and a good pair of footwear to help keep you steady on deck.

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