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Everything You Need to Know For BOISW

BOISW is shaping up to be the main event with over 130 boats registered! Divided into many classes, it looks to be a fun and competitive regatta for sailors of all kinds. Get your team race-ready with our tips and tricks to guide you around the race course and prepare for the ultimate racing experience here at Bay of the Islands!


Local Knowledge Can Help

 Bay local Chris Hornell, skipper of TP52 Kia Kaha shares his insights that could help you catch the first shift at sailing week.


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Make Sure Your Boat Is Race Ready

With many variables in sailing outside of our control, it is important to make sure your yacht is cleaned, light, and ready to be used with ease once your sails and crew are added.


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Maintaining Speed Through Changing Conditions

Whether it’s your first BOISW, or you are a race veteran, it’s hard to anticipate the ever-changing conditions. North U Expert Bill Gladstone explores Angle of Attack in moderate air trim and also techniques for de-powering in heavy air and powering-up in light air.


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Know Your Job. Do Your Job.

On board communication for racing yachts is a key factor for performance, no matter what type of sailing. However, when the number of crew increases, it becomes more and more important.


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Certified Service Guaranteed

Bay of Islands Sailing Week is just around the corner, and your North Sails team of experts will be onsite and ready to help you with all of your sail care needs. North Sails is a long-time sponsor of BOISW, and we are back again this year to help make sure you are ready to race.


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