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North Sails and ATN Bring Everyone Together

A dozen of Fort Lauderdale’s most accomplished multihull and monohull brokers assembled at the Lauderdale Yacht Club last Wednesday for a reception sponsored by North Sails and ATN, Inc.  

Enjoying refreshments, good company, and gorgeous views, these knowledgeable professionals learned more about North Sails’ new Helix Furling Gennaker and the many products offered by ATN including their spinnaker dousing sleeve, catamaran trampolines and sun shades, and new dock nets. 

The Helix Furling Gennaker, new from North Sails in 2021, eliminates the heavy cable needed for traditional furling and is the most reliable and easy to use top-down furling cruising sail in the world. The Helix Structured Luff transforms how sails fly and is key to building a modern inventory. Our cruising sails with structured luff provide a more reliable furl than a sail weighed down with a heavy furling cable, are lighter and easier to handle, and have a wider range of wind angles. That cuts down down on the number of sails needed onboard, and reduces wear and tear, making the Helix Furling Gennaker your new favorite cruising sail.

Local North Sails expert Bob Meagher shares, “Cruising sailors always need to reduce clutter, expense, and hassle.  The Helix Furling Gennaker wins the whole trifecta — a sail that can live up and furled on the bowsprit, doing almost all the job of both a code zero and a gennaker.”

One attendee summarized it best, “It was the perfect group.  We all get caught up with work and personal minutiae, and hardly get an opportunity to connect with our industry friends for social gatherings.  Thanks for organizing the outing!”

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