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A Summer Of Fun And Success

It was a jammed packed summer for Don Condit and his crew aboard his Tartan 4000 Roxy, which is powered by 3Di Endurance Main, Jib and Genoa as well as an AirX A2. Over the course of 4 weeks, Don participated in the Chicago to Mackinac Race, the Bell’s Beer Bayview to Mackinac Race and the Biennial Trams Superior International Yacht Race taking an impressive 1st in Class/ 2nd overall in the Chicago Mac Cruising Division, 1st in Class/ 51st Overall* in the Bell’s Beer Bayview to Mackinac Race Double Handed Division and 1st in Class/ 1st Overall in the Trans Superior PHRF Division. In all Don raced 875 nm for an elapsed time of 7 days: 5 hours: 51 min: 54sec. This doesn’t include the deliveries.

We caught up with Don to learn a little bit more about his experience this summer.

How Did You Prepare for Your Season And All The Racing?

As a crew we’ve kind of been at this for about eight years on this boat. So every year we make a few less mistakes and get a little better, I think.

Have Your North Products Contributed to Your Success? And If So, In What Ways?

Definitely. Our main sail gave us better performance in a wide ranges of wind conditions. We had new North main this year and a new North number three. And then we had a North Genoa that we’ve had for a couple seasons that’s reefable. It’s been in a very effective in a wide range of conditions as well. For us, you know we’re a Tartan 4000 which is a racer cruiser. I love it because I can sail my wife and I, and our grand-kids, but we can also put eight sailors on do Mackinac races or Superior races and being competitive amongst our peers.

Did Your New Main Perform How You Expected It To?

Well, you know, better light air performance, get a more powerful shaped, the light air. Our boat’s a shoal draft boat. You only draw five nine and so we don’t have a lot of lifts from our keel. But we’re able to sail higher and in lighter areas than we have with our previous main.

For The Mackinac Races, What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of Sailing Those Races?

Enjoying the beauty and the Great Lakes with family and friends.

What Has Made You Choose North Sails Over The Years?

I’ve been sailing for 50 years and I sailed in college, and North sails have always been the best, the best sails you could get. I even had a chance to do a race with Lowell North one time. A favorite, you know, the best, the best, best sails that you can get.

Where Do You See You And Your Crew Racing In The Next Two Years?

We’d love to compete and perhaps do a Newport Bermuda race. But you know, compete in the Caribbean. I was doing the Trans-Superior race this year was an opportunity to take our crew and boat to a new level and compete in waters that we’ve never sailed in before and in a wider range of conditions than we’ve normally seen.

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