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An Afternoon On The Water

📸 Arlene Taylor

The 2022 ABYC Open Regatta weekend saw 18 boats race eastward from Ashbridge’s Bay under sunny skies on Sunday May 29th. The Coastal Race is a point-to-point middle-distance race so for both casual sailors and the more seasoned sailor it’s a chance to have a great afternoon on the water.  Thanks to our friends at North Sails, three lucky skippers also went home with brag-worthy North Sails swag.

Wendy Loat, a seasoned skipper and owner of Looney Tunes, a 26” Thunderbird, recounts the day on the water.

“The Coastal Race started in a light breeze of about 5 to 6 knots. As always, the trick is deciding to sneak along the shore or to go out into the lake. A small number of us chose the lake, having heard the wind would go from southwest to east in the afternoon. That turned out to be the right decision. The boats that went in shore ran out of wind before the rest of us.  Eventually, the wind died completely. We watched the GPS speed drop to zero and saw that no one anywhere was moving. Then we realized that the buck we were on had turned into a broad reach and up went the spinnakers for a sprint to the finish in about 8 knots of easterly wind.”

All boats were welcomed back on shore by the ABYC house band The Weathered Legs while they enjoyed a couple refreshments to hydrate after the long day.  Top finisher overall was the smallest boat on the course – a Thunderbird – proving that staying on the lake paid, and that age and treachery can indeed beat youth and strength.

Joanne Chwalek

Chair 2022 ABYC Open Regatta

📸 Arlene Taylor
📸 Arlene Taylor
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