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April 2, 2018


Get to know your local service expert

Domiciano_North Sails Toronto


Domiciano, or as many know him Kid, Mangubat has been with North Sails for many years. His experience in the industry is unparalleled and speaks for itself with every sail he touches. He has been with the Toronto loft since he started with North Sails.

How long have you been working with North Sails?

I’ve been on the North Sails team for nearly 33 years now. I joined the team in January of 1985.

How did you get involved in the sailmaking industry?

I was 17 years old when I first came to Toronto. I was looking for work and was fortunate enough to have a friend of my sister offer me a job in the sailmaking industry. Since then I have trained with respected veteran sailmakers such as Hans Fogh, Steve C and Mark. They all taught me how to make a variety of different sails; anywhere from small dinghy sails to mega yacht sails. Since then, I knew this would be the job for me.

What do you enjoy about sailmaking?

Each day is a different day and each sail is different, so I enjoy the challenged that come along with sailmaking. I would describe myself as a handyman so building sails is a lot of fun for me. On top of sailmaking, I enjoy the opportunity that comes along with it such as travelling. During my here with North Sails, I’ve gone to places like Sri Lanka and places all over the United States.

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something new. I know how sailmaking allows me to connect with customers in terms of their needs, whether it’s cruising or racing.

What’s your best advice for sailors when it comes to sail care?

My best advice when it comes to sail care is:

  1. Inspect your sail regularly and have an expert do so
  2. Keep your sail clean and bag it

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