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Developing a Strong Partnership with the Best in Cruising

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A sunny warm weekend brought together sailors and boating enthusiasts alike for a one-of-a-kind Hylas Yachts event, the 2021 Hylas Fleet Review. Industry professionals combined with existing Hylas owners came by to see new Hylas models: the Hylas 48, Hylas 57, and Hylas 60

“This was the first time all three brand new designs were in one location, ready to be sailed,” shares Christian Pschorr, program director of Hylas Yachts International

Local North Sails expert Peter Grimm, Jr., was on hand to provide knowledge and sail options during the in-depth sailing experience. Along with the David Walters team, 20 people enjoyed sailing on the various Hylas models allowing for a truly unique experience. These individuals experienced a test sail, sail exhibition, and a sail trim clinic all in one outing, a hands-on experience for all involved. 

From the owner of Hylas 57 Vanishing Point David Crafa: “First time out on our new H57, First time flying North Sails, First time sailing at wind speed! Thanks, Peter, Bob, and all of the North Sails Team for making the Best Bluewater boat even better.”

Peter explains how “participants came away with the full experience of the various Hylas models, their sail plans, the possible sail features, and an integrated team of top-tier brokers, project managers, and sail experts.” Clients got a unique experience sailing with experts to see all involved, the nuances, and the enormous advantage of having North Sails aboard. “We sailed all angles, tacked, gybed, not just explaining sail trim, but showing the results of small changes. North Sails was instrumental in providing the full feel of what it takes to enjoy the sailing.”

Josh Mclean, President, and owner of David Walters Yachts:

“These are yachts that each owner can truly make their own, and that’s why North Sails has been such an invaluable partner. They have the knowledge, experience, and technology to deliver top-tier solutions for the performance-oriented H60, the luxury offshore attitude of the H57, and easy to sail go-anywhere H48. And Peter Grimm, Jr., with his nearly 25 years’ experience with the Hylas family, really understands our customers and how to translate their desires into the perfect sail package to make these boats move the way they were intended.”

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The new Hylas 57 features a complete suit of North Sails. The mast furling mainsail, furling genoa, and inner self-tacking jib are all 3Di OCEAN 700. The G1 asymmetrical spinnaker is NPC, a woven Nylon providing maximum downwind performance. Downwind, Peter shares, the G1 “had a very wide groove, wasn’t too trim-sensitive.” The ease of use for all the sails impressed not only industry professionals but also fellow sailors on the water. Pschorr shares, “The sail shape lately is the best I’ve seen for in-mast, and the light-air acceleration of that heavy boat makes demo sailing a pleasure.” Peter worked with North Sail designers to create the best sails possible for the 57 unique to its differences from the 48 and 60. The sails are optimized for durability without sacrificing performance.

Being on-site for the 2021 Hylas Fleet Review was, as Peter explains, a way to educate everyone about the wide range of sail options available from North Sails and focus on sail features, sail technology, and headsail size options for the different models. 

From the Hylas CEO Andy Huang:

“Hylas is proud to be partnering with one of the best sailmakers in the world. Hylas clients are truly impressed with the quality and service from North Sails.”

Peggy Huang also commented:

“Sails great, and Looks great! Hands down, North Sails 3Di are the best sails we’ve installed on any Hylas ever!”

We look forward to developing the partnership between North Sails, Hylas Yachts, and David Walters Yachts. Peter shares, “we understand the differences in each boat and are always looking forward to what we can do better. Our ongoing hands-on approach with the clients allows us to help test the sails, sea trial with the clients, and be available for continuing education.”

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© David Walters Yachts

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Peter Grimm Jr.

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More than five decades of sailing and 100,000 sea miles give Peter Grimm the ability to help clients get the most out of their boats and sails. His long familiarity with owners, boat builders, spar builders, yacht designers, project managers,...

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Bob Meagher

Loft Manager, Sail Expert — Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Bob Meagher has built a career helping people enjoy their boats. Over two decades of sail consulting have led him to become one of America’s most experienced sail experts, especially in the growing market of cruising multihulls. He has led...

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