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Tarnacki Dominates Micro class with all new North Inventory

With the support of 6-time World Champion Piotr Tarnacki, North Sails came into Micro class in 2017 with an all new prototype sail inventory which included:

MK-1 Mainsail
JK-1 and JK-1 Light Jibs
SS-1 Spinnaker

Tarnacki with his team, 77 Racing dominated season with a stunning 23 out of 26 race wins in Polish Cup regattas, which included the Polish Nationals. The Polish fleet is the toughest Micro fleet in the world. The main test took place at the World Championship in France.

Sixty-eight crews were fighting for the 2017 Micro class World Championship title in French Annency. The competition was very tough with very light conditions for the event, making sailing a big tactical challenge. Due the lack of wind there were only 4 races, of which one was a long-distance race.

A championship battle took place between the two Polish crews, Piotr Tarnacki and Piotr Ogrodnik. Combined the skippers have won 10 World Championships since 2004 (6 times Tarnacki, 4 times Ogrodnik) so there was true duel of the Micro class giants. However Tarnacki took the overall win, giving him his 7th World title.

Piotr Tarnacki said :

“We were very pleased that we could use North Sails for this regatta. The Jk1-L Jib let us sail fast up to windward mark, but our biggest weapon was SS-1 Spinnaker which make us the fastest boat on a downwind course. We are very happy with our sails performance. This is first step for North Sails in Micro class, and we have already won everything this season. We are very happy, but now we will start preparing for the next worlds in our home waters in Poland. Together with North Sails we will keep developing these sail design to be even faster next year!”

If you are interested in any Micro class products, visit the One Design Class page to find an Expert.

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