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Getting To Know Your Local Sales Expert

Drew Mitchell was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has worked at North Sails for nine years as a sales rep and loft manager for the Vancouver loft. He is 32 years old and the first boat he sailed on was a Bluenose Sloop.

What is your favourite local regatta/race and why?

Van Isle 360. I enjoy this race as it is a pretty neat mix of sprint and distance racing with such amazing scenery. The stopovers are always fun as you get to mingle with other racers and chat about successes and failures on the race course. Also as an east coast kid it’s a pretty neat way to some neat spots on Vancouver Island.

Where is your favourite spot to go cruising and why?

I’ve only ever cruised once in my life so I would have to say Alexandra Island RVYC outstation. It was on a 242 my buddy owned so it was more like camping on the water. 

What is your favourite design of boat and why?

Bluenose Sloop. It is a classic Nova Scotian design that has been modified with fibreglass for racing. Currently it is the most competitive one design fleet in Nova Scotia with 25 + boats showing up for Chester Race Week. I am lucky enough to race on borrowed boats in the fleet with my brother. I hope to own one with him in the future. 

What is it about sailing that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all the uncontrolled variables that sailing has to offer and trying to manage them better than the competitors, it is like no other sport. I also enjoy the team aspect of sailing especially when I get to sail with my brother and close friends. My favourite type of sailing is large one design fleet racing. 

What activities do you enjoy outside of sailing?

I enjoy hockey, surfing, snowboarding, powerboating and now golf.

What is something interesting about yourself that most people would not know?

Before moving to BC I played on both the Nova Scotian Box and Field lacrosse teams. I played in two founders cups (Jr b box national championship) and 1 Art Ross Victory Cup (Senior field national championship). I also played for STFX University team for 5 years, winning back to back MUFLL (league) championships and received league awards such as Rookie of the year, couple 1st team all stars and also won the league scoring title. 

How have you been keeping busy since all racing has been cancelled?

I picked up golf, I am currently not very good but am really enjoying learning a new sport that I find is very difficult. Looking to shoot under 100 before sailboat racing ramps back up!

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