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The Yachting Cup, San Diego’s premier inshore regatta of the season kicks off this weekend with two great days of racing for one design and PHRF classes. Read our tips on steering off-wind, perfecting your symmetrical jibes, choosing the right kite, and more.

Don’t forget to join your local North Sails team for the Yachting Cup Webinar on April 29th for local knowledge tips, a quick weather outlook, performance and trim solutions, and a preview of what to expect this weekend.

Sail fast and have fun!


Coordinating Commands

Steering off the wind, on reaches and runs, requires a coordinated effort between helmsman, spinnaker trimmer, and tactician. Together you can coordinate efforts to take advantage of changes in conditions.



Tips for Jibing the Pole

No matter how big your boat and crew, the key to perfect jibes is a lot of practice. There are two basic symmetrical jibing techniques, but regardless of method, practice is a key ingredient to develop the coordinated effort that lies behind any smooth jibe.



When You Know, You Know…

No matter where you are in the world, you can prepare for your next event or be ready for when sailing season picks up again by knowing what to look for when it comes to a healthy spinnaker.



Tips for All Weekend Warriors

Sail experts Tom Castiglione and Jack Orr based in Milford, Connecticut hosted a PHRF Spring Refresher webinar that will help any weeknight racer/ weekend warrior up-their game for the next series. Here are some take aways from the webinar that apply to any club racer.



Asymmetric vs. Symmetric

When it comes to downwind sails, there are an array of choices for today’s sailor. So how do you decide what would be right for your boat and crew? The first step is to understand the difference. North Sails expert Brian Janney explains why choosing a spinnaker means first understanding your own sailing style.



North Sails Certified Service Sail Repair

Your local team is looking forward to seeing you at the event this weekend.

Each day we’ll be onsite after racing to pick-up sails for overnight repair. Give us a call at 619-204-7772 and let us know you are coming. Our Certified Service experts will be ready to assist you.


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