Kestrel Tuning Guide

  • Last Updated: August 23, 2017
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This Kestrel tuning guide is meant to be a starting point from which you can experiment and find the setting that work best for your boat crew weight and sailing technique. If you have any specific questions please contact Tim Rush –

Mast Rake

23′ 6″ Tip of mast to top of transom

23′ 6″ Light to Moderate

23′ 0″ – 23′ 3″ Heavy

Rig Tension

250 – 300 lbs on forestay

Spreaders and Pre-bend


Spreaders 425mm long

Sweepback 200mm

Pre-bend 45mm


Spreaders 435mm long

Sweepback 190mm

Pre-bend 40mm

Jib Sheet

Extension of jib sheet to intersect luff 2110mm above the tack

Transom to front of mast 3175mm

Transom to Centreboard bolt 2550mm

Class Experts

Charlie Cumbley

Gosport, United Kingdom
Manufacturing – Gosport, UK

Tim Rush

Gosport, United Kingdom