North Sails LOFT NEWS

marzo 8, 2018


One of the more  frequent service jobs we have here at North Sails revolves around sail bag zippers. They are easily over looked yet are a fundamental component of your sail.

To keep your zips functioning try these tips from our service manager Nick Beaudion:

  1.  Rinse the zipper cars with fresh water after use.  This will greatly extended the life of your metal slider.  Using the last bits of the crews water bottle at the end of the day is a simple solution.
  2.  Silicone spray your zipper cars.  Any number of silicone sprays will accomplish the same goal of protecting the metal slider from salt water.
  3.  Keep your sails dry.  After the fresh water rinse and silicone spray, storing your sails in a dry environment will greatly extend the life of the slide over longer periods of time.

 If you do have a corroded zip there are a number of things you can do to rectify

  1. Pour fresh, boiling water over the zip to help clear the sail buildup
  2. Gently pull the zip apart and tap on the slider with a screwdriver. This will dislodge the sail buildup and help move the slider
  3. If worse come to worse drop your sail bags off to your local North Sails service loft to have your old sliders replaced before your next big regatta
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